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Three Poems by Julie Said Lehman

Three Poems by Julie Said Lehman

StarGazers Suicide Note

The tree outside my window
Once grew raw and lyrical.

Back when life was new
And Now ran side-by side with Forever
Cushioned by cotton night wind
I’d swing myself onto a branch
And together we’d watch
As the stars burnt holes
In a dome of universe shadow.

But I’ve since learned
It wasn’t stars we saw
Just extinct light
Memories, really.

Slumbers in acrylic
Dreams at room temperature
Have replaced
The push-and-pull of twilight.

Now at least I can be warm-
If not extraordinary.

Truth Doesn’t Sit Still

Wearing a top hat and
Dangling from a trapeze
You reverse my orbit
And grow me a fresh set of moons
All before breakfast.


I water my garden with forbidden fruit tea.
I am growing llamas-dunes-primordial oceans
a dinosaur or two.

Every day I read them manifestos
On who they are and who they shall be.
I tell them I am growing a new world
Which will be a lot like the old one
Except, everyone will know her place
And there will be only one paradigm.
They listen without comment.

But one day I stop talking
And look around, noticing something peculiar-
Nothing in my garden is growing.

What had I missed?

In desperation, I did the only thing
I could think of-
I planted myself in the garden.
And I waited.

As it turned out, the llamas
were actually kudus.
The dunes preferred a bit more solidity.
The primordial oceans found
their calling as skies.
While the dinosaurs never bloomed at all-
it wasn’t the right climate.

And there in that garden
Having surrendered all designs
I found myself growing into
a human being
Fertilized by and at the mercy of all.
And it was good.

The End/The Beginning

Julie Said Lehman has been living and writing poetry since childhood. She is also a philosopher, vegan and book shepherd. She lives with a hamster, two humans and three cats, and is grateful for all the love she has shared throughout her life with humans and other beings. 

Image: NASA, ESA and the Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA), Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons


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