Two Poems by Rebecca Dietrich

New Jersey is My Home Home is where I feel sand between my toes And smell freshly made boardwalk funnel cake Sandcastles are washed away by the tide Home is where the pine barrens stand...

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Nancy Havlik on Turn To Zero

I began by writing my own set of directions. I created my directions with timed free-writings, in an attempt to take my brain to the same place it goes when I do movement improvisation.

Two Poems by James White

Time is a surgeon I am a spoke.Turning clockwise, notat all the wiser.Choices dig their roots intosoil without my consent but Iwater them anyway.A mossy...

Dear Ludwig, by Diana Dinerman

Arts writer and arts administrator Diana Dinerman replies to Loren Ludwig's Open Letter regarding ballet technique being "oppressive."

Dance Critics Panel Discussion

Notes from the Dance Critics Panel Discussion, November 2007, in which dancers and choreographers argue with local dance critics about the role and appropriateness of each other's work.

Three Poems by Anant Dhavale

Crimson What makestonight's tropical wind so coldI wonder how the trees will surviveCome and kill me, engulf mein your wild currentsin you, I have heard,...

Four Poems by CL Bledsoe

Going Off Meds The first day is fine. You think, I can dothis. I’m better like this. It doesn’t matter,because you went off for a...

Why I Struggle to Make Photographs by Andrew Zimmermann

I work with a large format camera, a heavy steel contraption that is older than I am, which puts images onto 8x10 inch sheets...

All You Remember by Rose Strode

Climb the stairs. Take the call. Stand by the old green chair. Don’t sit down. Hear your mother say It’s cancer. Don’t answer right away. Clamp down your fear before you...

Three Poems by Rebecca Bishophall

Editor's Note: These poems appear in Breaking the Blank, available from Day Eight: Seduction Seduction… Drag my finger downtheir spine thenbreathe them in. The more pages the...

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