Two Poems by Casey Catherine Moore

Calliope Teaches Me How to Write It’s dusk, and these hallowed groundsare motionless and silentOrange radiates from the horizon,and the oak trees loom like shadowsof old professorsIn the distance, a blue jay...

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Studio Space Wanted: Large, Well-Lit, and Cheap by Blair Murphy

Curator Blair Murphy writes about the ways we work: Talk to ten different visual artists in the DC area and you're likely to hear about ten different working situations, from former auto body shops to corners of studio apartments.

rabbit holes by Siskind

rabbit holes it begins with an opera mask formed in binary code i slip it on and am a p h a n t o m a master of...

Video: Local Dance History Interviews II

Local dance history interviews with Sue Green, Alvin Mayes, Barbara Drazin, and Michelle Ava

Two Poems by CL Bledsoe

Eyelashes My daughter asks where the eyelashshe’s wishing on came from, how dothey grow? I tell her that it’s a kindof death, which is a...

Epilogue by Neelam Patel

I hate you with the sharpness of the edges of a Viking's teeth I hate you from every part of my body - from my...

Two Poems by Jacqueline Jules

Avocado Secret When the widow wrote how her husband once said she was like a perfectly ripe avocado, I wanted to rush right out and buy one. Examine its tough exterior, creamy...

Clark Ray: Why Should Government Support the Arts?

"The greatness of a people is eventually judged by what they contribute to the arts and culture of their times."

Subspace by J T Kirkland

One time when I was young my father asked me to help him in the shop by sanding some wood. I began sanding the board against the grain. When my Dad barked at me for it I threw the sanding block down and never helped him again. So perhaps it’s fitting that for the past thirteen years my work has focused almost exclusively on the natural beauty of wood.

The Fallen by David Allen Sullivan

Off trail where there was no trail, where your heart was an injured bird, where you buried your love for your first wife, and for her lover— whom...

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