Two Poems by Eric D. Goodman

Dry Splash All these years we’ve been worried about the sea levels rising, when what we should have paid attention to was the fresh water levels falling. Long-forgotten riverbeds and lake bottoms reveal themselves as dried mud, cracked dirt, rocks...

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Two Poems by Ryan Quinn Flanagan

The Dissolving Man It is good to disappear.Incognito fires extinguished. And the dissolving manin a liquid beaker. As some faraway youth-to-deathoccurs in direct proportion. No knowledge of the...

Layering it on in Napa California by Josh Stein

by Josh Stein Space in Napa, California is quite dear, so I have always worked in a small corner of my bedroom. While it’s a...

Creating a Veil of Ignorance by Judith Peck

"The most intriguing part of the idea is that Rawls used such a strong image to explain his concept. I thought that if I could capture that wonderful idea, I would have something special."

Dear Ludwig, by Diana Dinerman

Arts writer and arts administrator Diana Dinerman replies to Loren Ludwig's Open Letter regarding ballet technique being "oppressive."

Chino Latino by Dana Tai Soon Burgess

Dana Tai Soon Burgess writes about the development of his new dance piece - Chino Latino - and the work's roots in his experiences as a teenager in Santa Fe.

Two Poems by Eve Burton

puddling late summer sunbeams fall through forest leaves wet with recent rain my path beside the creek slippery with puddles mud and round wet stones without warning a cloud...

Water Stones by Lea Craigie-Marshall

A young girl, exploring what, to her, are the wilds of the land.  Hands and feet in the freezing waters, pulling striated rocks and...

Michael Bjerknes

"Michael Bjerknes, a former Washington Ballet dancer and ballet master and co-founder of the American Dance Institute in Rockville, died April 14 of colon cancer at the Washington Home and Community Hospice. He was 51. After Mr. Bjerknes stopped dancing, he became a teacher and ballet master at the Washington Ballet and the Universal Ballet in Seoul. He was an influential creative force in the Washington area for the past two decades.

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