George Jackson: What is Dance?

"Why didn't you give my child anything to dance?" she hissed, "there was not one dance step in that role!"

Beau Finley: What is Music

Beau Finley, electronic musician and record producer answers "What is Music?"

Jessica Williams: What is Dance?

What is Dance, you ask? Dance is ephemeral. You have to be there. Picture is attached. During precious free time, Jessica Williams has had the pleasure of presenting choreography...

Evangeline Reilly: What is Dance?

DANCE IS: A conversation between music (or silence) and the body's movement (or stillness). Sometimes it is an argument, sometimes it is a debate, sometimes it is...

CJ Holm: What is Dance?

Three answers: Dance is the process of translating interior forces into external vectors. Dance is a single moment when the dancers move, the audience moves in response, and then...