Rain (sex) Rain (sex) Rain by Nicole Farmer






Rain (sex) Rain (sex) Rain

I want you on my face
Running rivers into my ears
Drowning my (fuck) muddled mind
Washing me clean

Transformed to a tall oak
Leaving me (raw) bark naked
Standing fertile
Timeless in my desire

Strip me to the core
Storm of nature’s reproduction
Don’t stop gushing
(Blow) me to and fro

Again, and again
I want more
Until I am soaked (wet) through
Laid prostrate with adoration

* Never read this poem sitting down. Lie down or stand up. Memorize the poem if you’re going to recite it in public to make maximum eye contract with your audience, of one or many. No gesturing. Let your eyes and mouth do all the work. If this poem is intended as an aphrodisiac, use caution and be prepared for the outcome. No warranties are being granted or implied.

Nicole Farmer is a teacher living in Asheville, NC. Her poems have been published in over forty magazines including The Closed Eye Open, Sad Girls Club, Poetry South, The Amistad, Quillkeepers Press, Haunted Waters Press, Wild Roof Journal, Bacopa Literary Review Review, and Kakalak. Nicole was awarded the First Prize in Prose Poetry from the Bacopa Literary Review in 2020. Her chapbook, Wet Underbelly Wind was published in 2022 by Finishing Line Press. She just completed her next book, entitled, Honest Sonnets: memories of an unorthodox childhood in verse. Website: NicoleFarmerpoetry.com

Image: Kritzolina, CC BY-SA 4.0 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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