Words I Write by Fran Abrams






Words I Write

are words you read.
Do my words bring you warmth
like sun on shoulders? Exhilaration
like riding a motor bike fast?
Laughing children
who make you laugh?

Poems I write
are scenes you see.
Do my poems show you vines
where green grapes ripen to purple?
Places on the coast
you have never seen?
Someone who loves you
arriving on a train?

I write other poems
for no one to read.
Poems that sound
like my inner doubts.
Words meant only for myself
until someone who
cares for me
understands them
though I never
made them visible.

Fran Abrams began writing poetry in 2017. She has had poems published in print and online, including in Work Literary Magazine and in the Winter 2021 Bulletin of Alan Squire Publishing. Her poems appear in eight forthcoming and published anthologies, including This is What America Looks Like from Washington Writers Publishing House. In 2019, she was a juried poet at Houston Poetry Fest and a featured reader at DiVerse Gaithersburg (MD) Poetry Reading Series. Visit franabramspoetry.com.

Image by Jiří Sedláček (Frettie), CC BY 3.0 <https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0>, via Wikimedia Commons

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