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Emily Bufferd: What is Dance?

Emily Bufferd: What is Dance?

I feel that dance is so open to interpretation that putting a definition to it could never fully encompass all that it is. However, there are definitely aspects of it that can be given some form of definement. Dance can be used in so may different ways; to express emotion, to ‘make a shape’, to push a boundary, make a statement (personal, political, religious, sexual…), the list is endless. What makes dance such a beautiful art form is that the possibility of what can be done is only limited to what we think up. Dance, to me, is the ability to make someone feel something… anything; and the beauty of it is that you cannot dictate what one will feel, and that it may be entirely different than what you had hoped for them to take away.

– Emily Bufferd

Since 2008, Emily Bufferd/BEings has been presenting dance meant to engage its viewer on an intimate level. We aim to produce work that is relevant and relatable in order to leave the viewer with a feeling of understanding. It is of utmost importance to allow our audience to experience the vulnerability that is produced by putting a feeling onstage and become relatable on a human level. From this principle, our name is found. BEings aims to put our thoughts into action by integrating a wide spread dance vocabulary towards the work.


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