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Two Poems by Andre Taylor

Two Poems by Andre Taylor

By Grace

What are the graces, that helped me face the trauma
In those places far removed from scenes of love
Seen from utter darkness where the blind ones led the blind
In caverns falling furthermore behind
What are the graces, that placed me in those shelters
Apart from helter-skelter that melted iron minds
There were calming words emerging
That were urging me to pray
That said I didn’t have to say a thing aloud
But hold onto belief
There would be comfort for my grief
If I would only seek, I’d surely find
The Graces
The Graces
The Graces
The race is given to
Those who do endure
And purity is not a thing for real
The Graces
The Graces
The Graces
That take me from my weakest ways to build
But how can I explain or understand
These things I cannot cradle in my hands
What are the graces, that replaced the things I knew
The abuse that for so long I held onto
That said to me this truly was the path
Do unto others
Before they do it unto you
Beware the smiles that hold the hidden wrath
There was shame for not being one with plenty
There was jealousy that sometimes came with envy
There is sadness in the lacking for so many
When I compare the glaring differences
In these instances of pain
How is it that I do not go insane
When the demons in my mind start screaming giving chase
How do I hold the calm look on my face
My answer

The Broadcast

Checking in
This is me
On the radio frequency
Of 12345
Still alive
On a planet called orator
In the great state of hope
From the city called elevation
And the county of elevator
Here I broadcast
Vast Concepts
Connection in the Spirit
Trying to affect the darkness
Of being alone
We cannot touch except through thought
And so, we think we’re on our own
In this realm
I found my breakthrough
Let me take you to the mend
Elevator, elevation, hope, orator still alive
12345 the frequency this is me, checking in

Brenardo is a resident of Prince Georges County. He currently holds the title as one of the Four Poets Of Excellence. 

Brenardo has been writing poetry for over two thirds of his life. This journey has taken him from journals to stages all over the world, and his work has been featured in countless newspapers, magazines, and poetry anthologies, including his own chapbook, “Bridge Over Trouble.” 

Brenardo is a veteran of the United States Navy, and a veteran of stage, radio, and television, where he has shared his life’s observations, and inspirations to astounding acclaim.  An alumnus of the “Poets In Progress,” and the Anointed P.E.N.S., he is currently a member of “Collective Voices,” and a free-lance Poet.

He is currently completing work on the follow up to his chap book entitled, “Bridges Over Aggravated Troubles.”

(You may contact him @ deotp123@gmail to order an advanced copy, or for more information of his availability for performing, or presenting his work).     

Image: Szombat78, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons


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