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Two Poems by Allan Ebert

Two Poems by Allan Ebert


We’ll join in protest around favors-spent praising 

fate-cakes wherever the green apple leaves.

We’ll circle in song the meandering candlelight

vigil our voices savoring bold freedom-flavors.

We’ll stand tall against the fogged-radical

mirror our thick-skin too proud-history to mourn.

We’ll hold tight our riled tongues not to waste

our lifetime allotment of fuck-you’s

and sail rag-tagged aboard the once-banned Howl

from empathy-port to title-wave Beat.

We’ll forward-answer the Poet-Captain’s call

spirited by rain the color of wind to a rebel-dance

on the lyric-stern our full pleasure-pearled.

We’ll paw at shadows of seagulls ha-haaing

witness the self-conscious sun rising blood-orange

on our best horizon enlightened & closed-fisted.


 The One I’m Worrying About 

There were rumors that someone of significant importance 

was coming to our small town. The reasons were undetermined. 

The signs were everywhere. Barns collapsed with the hay still green. 

The ocean coughed up a wealth of ideas. Sailors napped on nude 

beaches curled up like embryos, burning. Lambs huddled together 

speaking Latin. A message in a bottle washed ashore containing 

the left eye of Verdi with surgical instructions. We suspected 

it was Jesus coming again; the odor of atonement wafted thick 

as a milkshake in the air. My neighbor took her wash off the line. 

Two moons fastened themselves to Orion’s Belt. The cartographer 

put flowers on his brother’s grave & in the middle of preparations, 

a child with golden skin was born. 

The best option at this point was to serve vegetables. 

Stay away from the red meat and country gravy. 

There was a lot to digest without getting choked up. 

Clarence Allan Ebert has written extensively throughout his lifetime in numerous genres including short fiction, flash, news reporting, feature articles, and poetry. After receiving his Juris Doctorate and practicing law largely in the area of immigration and refugee law, he’s written numerous articles on U.S. immigration policies and practices. He published his first poem in 1978 and is coming out with his full collection of poetry soon, titled A Small Town Many Years Ago. It was started during the COVID pandemic. As the title indicates, he was born in a small town years ago and writes poetry as a passion with a special determination to maintain relevance as a baby boomer in a fiercely competitive wacky increasingly AI-generated world. Baby Boomers unite!!

Image: Kabelleger / David Gubler, CC BY-SA 4.0 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0, via Wikimedia Commons


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