Three Poems by Juliana Schifferes






Morning Coffee

shockingly bitter like a friend with a dirty secret

the fun of Robusta is its acridity,

acidity flavor brash as a sharp-accented lemon

I let myself take inelegant gulps before attacking the day

now that the coffee has yielded its indiscretions to me.

The Smell of a Hot Coffee

Bowled over as if by a Tartuffean suitor

I am alternatively attracted/repelled

By the scent of Yirgacheffe

As though it was a tiny burning forest

Squeezed into a mug

As if it were a thousand roots crushed in the rain

a tiny storm full of black-hued flittings

And with a huge inhale, I choke on the cologned steam

Shudder then gulp

a few long long sips

for the workday awaits me like a cuckolded husband.

Water Bottle

A breath of winter air,

A becalmed memory of the biting tackle of the sea,

Gently makes its way out of my water bottle:

killing thirst.

Juliana “Jules” Schifferes is a poet from the Washington, DC area. She has published in Bourgeon and Maryland Bards. Her themes often include mental health, infatuation, and nature but are often expansive in nature. Her influences shift over time, but include Basho, Delmore Schwartz, and James Merrill. She works in outreach and social media outside of writing. In her free time, you’ll find her curled up with contemporary poetry and a cat.

Image: MarkSweep, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

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