Three Poems by T.M. Hudenburg






geometric pattern, untroubled

how long traced

out there on the marble floor

in paradise—where we have just arrived

our object–we are again reminded

was to love and be fully human

no not perfect–certainly not angels 

from the beginning you were flawed

yet here you are

well done finding your way

gun rack mentality

pick up truck
chewing tobacco
spit in a cup
pick up truck
flask back pocket
white lightning
pick up truck
faded blue jeans
baseball cap
pick up truck
twitty on the radio
a pinch between the cheek and gums

Spring nears March 21st
dreams had too late you thought to live

evening diminishes dusk
the remaining balances
light into darkness
a first shadow emerges
expands slowly whispering night
a last word, you let slip her name
enlightening in its own way
(our need to name something)
a testament of your own design
clever the way you talk back to the night
you hear a voice say–
make room for what you truly love
responding to that voice
Eurydice awakens
you notice a shade walking silently behind you
filling her pockets with broken seashells
the temptation to turn around
my God may the day remain in shadows

T. M. Hudenburg believes in shadows and thinks they follow you.

Image: Greg Gjerdingen from Willmar, USA, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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