Portrait of Disappointment by Kimberly Ray







after years of hoping things would change
giving in to “well, that’s the way it is,”
look me in eyes and realize
this is who we are,
who we’ve become,
it’s finally come true –
our love’s become old news.
we never lived up to the story of make-believe;
when we face each other
I must believe this is the choice
we’ve been making.
every morning & every night,
from here on out
this the only way to keep going,
turn these dog-eared pages of our lives
for other truths to be told,
for other hands to hold.
from countless days of emptiness
from your professions,
your attempts at affirmations,
something in me knows better:
there’s more to love
than a collection of memories,
there’s more to see
than foil-wrapped treasuries.
what passed in the space between us?
a moment, a disappointment,
and I leave it all in the past.
what’s to come?
a path we’ve never tread,
yet time’s been stolen
and years slip away.
the clock ticks as we wait
for affections from a new love,
a new life in a new bed.

Kimberly Ray writes love poems for the lovesick. She pours passion into poetry for those longing to feel something more than what is. This Northern Virginia native earned her B.A. in Anthropology and a MS in IT, but her love of writing to escape the mundane is what moved her to pen the poetry series, Coffee Shop Sessions. Her work has also been published in various online journals and anthologies, and won an award in Loudoun County’s Rhyme On contest in 2020. She currently serves as the co-secretary for Write By The Rails and can be found online at coffee-shop-sessions.com.

Image: Photographed by Australian Photographic Agency, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

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