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Verbal Escalation by James Lane

Verbal Escalation by James Lane

Verbal Escalation

Slowly, but surely I’ve been establishing
residency in your bedroom. I took out that
vacancy sign months ago. The services I’ve
received here are some of the best I’ve ever had.
I left a positive review in my phone’s notes

When we woke up in the morning I made you
late for work, but I did make you breakfast.
We listened to The Daily as per usual. This
guilty pleasure thing has become more than just
a thing. It’s been growing and I still am
puzzled by what we are.

I could narrate your life
Mesmerized by the routine
It’s simplified, but I crave it in mine
and when we finally go to bed
It’s 4am and the conversation is just ending

I start thinking, I can’t read your mind, but I can try.
Tapping into your psyche
Give me the rush that I need
Feed the verbal escalation to me
Now I need to know
Did I make the cut and did I make the team?

James Richard Lane, originally from Baltimore, MD, but has since lived in Denver, Philly, and NYC. James is a musician currently active in solo project Pelvis Presley and duo The Shaky Experience (Band). He’s a podcaster of the show The Shaky Experience (podcast) where he has interviewed Grammy award winners, Late Night talk show guests, as well as other notable creatives. He previously led a community currency called The BNote accepted at 250+ small businesses in Baltimore and currently is a board member with LetsBMore the Baltimore Timebank. He founded and curated Staycation Compilation, a series that donates 100% of its proceeds to public schools music programming. He previously hosted monthly music showcases in a travelers hostel featuring local and touring artists to perform in front of travelers visiting Baltimore. Fun facts: winner on The Price Is Right, been to all 50 states by 30, vegetarian since 2006, has had interviews featured in NME and Consequence Of Sound. IG: @JamesRichardLane TW: @JamesLanee 

Image: Santiago Rusiñol Romantic_Novel-Google_Art_Project


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