Two Poems by Lucy Collins






The Exodus of Icarus

Standing in the candlelight
Watching the flames flicker up, and down,
Watching your eyes turn golden and fill with determination.
You say you’ll carry me, Father,
Then pull me close for the final time
In this ugly and bloody and wretched place
And we’ll take a chance and make a gamble with our lives —
You know I trust you with my life.

I’m not quite sure what to think
About these miraculous golden wings,
Each holding a thousand delicate and perfect feathers,
But I’ll follow you.
I’m holding still
As you place the wings on my back;
They feel quite heavy, quite dangerous, quite exciting —
Adrenaline appears for our escape.

Falling, falling, and then
We’re no longer falling and
The air rests beneath our beautiful wings;
They carry us through the sky —
Flying, gliding, and this
Euphoria that dances in my heart because
Suddenly, for the first time in my entire life
I’m really, truly free.

I want to explore the world —
I want to go faster, to go higher,
To go further to all the corners of this Earth.
I’m rising through the sky.
You know what happens next:
Helios and his heat tear me apart and
Then I’m falling, falling, falling, with nothing
To slow my descent.

I’m so sorry, Father,
That I got carried away by the wild wind,
And now I’m drifting, lost beneath these waves —
Just don’t think it’s your fault.
You gave me everything
A boy like me could ever dream of:
Even the impossible, even my own freedom,
Even for a little bit of time.

Do you remember how
wonderful it feels
to break something?
The strain,
The rush,
The pain,
And then it snaps and with it
a little bit of me
breaks and falls away.

Do you remember how
satisfying it is
to hit something?
With all
My strength,
My rage,
And then my knuckles
throb in a beautiful way,
and it feels almost okay.

Do you remember how
exhilarating it is
to scream your lungs out?
At the
Blue sky,
And then I feel this
divine release of everything
that I shouldn’t say.

Lucy Collins is a student from Maryland, who has always had a passion for writing growing up. She recently won third place in the Gaithersburg Book Festival’s high school poetry competition and was a published poet in her high school’s literary magazine. Lucy’s dream is to have an impact on others through her writing. When she isn’t studying or writing, she loves relaxing with friends and listening to music.

Image: Icarus by Rogério Timóteo, CC BY 3.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

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