Two Poems by Lilly Hallock






You Told Me You Loved Me

I wish I knew
What you meant when
You showed up at my room
And you told me you loved me.
It has been raining
All day, classic dark and
Stormy night, and your
T-shirt was soaked
Through, and your hair was
Wet, and I wanted to offer
You a towel, but you
Told me you loved me.

You stood on my
Carpet as not to get my limited
Furniture wet, and I asked
You why you were
Here, and you told me
You loved me.

I was wearing sweatpants and
A sweater, and my eyeliner
Was smeared, and my
Shoes were off, and you told
Me you loved me.

My day had been long, and I
Was behind on
Work, and it was raining, and
You told me you loved me.

It was far too
Late at night for me
To be up, and for you
To be out but you told me you
Loved me.

I threw a lamp
At your head
But I missed and you told
Me you loved me I yelled
And you told me you loved me
I cried and you told me
You loved me I beat my fists
Against your chest and you
Told me you loved me I
Pushed you out of
The door and you told
Me you loved me I watched
You walk away and wondered
What you meant when
You told me you loved me.


Sit down next to me.
Ignore the blood seeping out
your side, a bullet wound caused by
Something less volatile, more
Sadness than madness, a stinging
Bee or the words of the
Prophet of whatever you want
To believe. Let my shirt help
Sop up the water pouring from
Inside you. Not tears, of
Course, that is far too obvious
And far less oblivious. I was speaking about
More of a Water-to
-Wine kind of thing, like you’re
The sacrificial sheep and I’m the
One holding the knife. Or gun,
In your case. But it’s always
Your case, right?
Come sit with me.

Lillian Hallock (she/they) is a young adult writer from Richmond, Virginia, and a current student at the University of Virginia. Lilly has been writing since she was a young child, as a way to let out her vast imagination. In her free time, and is always creating, whether that be through poetry, prose, music, art, or the occasional game of dungeons and dragons. You can find her on Instagram @lchallock.

Image:unbekannt270, CC BY-SA 3.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

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