Two Poems by Yvonne Brewer







there was one left on

my front doorstep,

it halved when touched

a large divining one  

bent in the right place

waited for me to pick

it up on Her sacred day

when Her pagan cloak hung  

off her acorn laden curves

crow carrier, pigeon delivery, 

bird man chooses and sings

summoning blessed wings

to lay them down

like twisting roots one day

by my woven cross

dark, long, fingers 

nail varnished in emerald moss

snap in half to spirits breath

damp, silent, on indigo earth

as they shade and soften

the weeping branches of loss.

No Cinderella

Are you sorry for all the chimes you did not hear.
Passing time, faces disappear.
Did the hands of time reverse
as no shoe in your box would fit. 

Rotten wine, she laughed,
broken bottle, one heart halved.
This is the mantra of the last day,
left holding all the words he didn’t say.

There is no midnight ending.
The big hand quivers to ten.
Glass slippers on the feet of 
masked men.

Yvonne Brewer is originally from County Offaly and lives in Cork, Ireland and has had poetry published since 2014 with Women’s Spiritual Poetry. Motherhood has taken her down a very creative path and her writing is greatly influenced by her children, her dreams, nature and fairies. Her first poetry book released in October 2018 is available to buy in paperback or e-book on Amazon. Twigs is a collection of poems based on the simple but extra ordinary mindful moments of everyday life combining motherhood with nature and reflecting spiritual themes that take the reader on a journey to the soul. She is currently working on her second poetry collection “The Story Stones and Wishing Bones” which is a reflection of the sorrow and losses of Ireland’s past. Follow Yvonne’s writing journey on

Image by Joseph Mischyshyn, CC BY-SA 2.0,

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