Two Poems by Breanna deSimone






Breathing Away the Darkness

At night, lights appear, unseen amongst

daytimes dominating sun.

Scattered bits of moon peering curiously

through window slats.

The warmth of some adjoining room

creeping in under a doorway;

a guest that stays the night and leaves

soundlessly in the morning.

The passing of headlights chasing fate down

an anonymous highway.

These, the nightlights counting time,

until the sunrise,

keeping pace with silent lungs,

Lifting and lowering,

breathing away the darkness

into some brighter being.

To Remember

Basil sweet scents on unrelenting smiles

Road trips to leave memories behind

But I

Stole some to remember

Two dappled paths

One leading home

And one leading to the unknown

And I

Will take either

So long as they don’t lead back to now

The wild of this world is fading

For every beast is tamed or gone

Decay spreads where fingers touch

So I

Will fly instead of run

Breanna DeSimone is a rising senior at Mount St. Mary’s University pursuing a degree in English. She has worked as poetry editor for her college’s literary journal Lighted Corners and her poetry has appeared in two issues of the annual publication. She was born in Springfield, Oregon but currently lives in Williamsburg, Virginia. Poetry allows her to share her perspective of the world and explore her passion for life. She also loves reading, traveling, and learning new things.

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