What is dance? This is such a simple question, with such a difficult answer. No answer is wrong, and no answer is correct. It is simply a matter of experience and interpretation.

What is dance to me? Dance to me is power.
It is the power to move someone to tears or to anger.
It is the power to remove yourself from the world, if only to get away for one hour. The power to change lives, if only by a slight gesture.
It is the power to be yourself, or the power to be someone else.
It is the power to be moved by music, or the power to be the music.
Dance puts power into the hands (or whole body in this case) of the dancer.

What is dance? Dance is the power for dance to be whatever you’d like it to be – that is the beauty of it all.

Casey Maliszewski, a former dancer and choreographer, resides in New Jersey and is a college honor student and aspiring writer.


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