Hypnotic Cats and Hairy Legs by Michelle Goldchain

At the moment, I’m working on three creative projects. First, I'm experimenting with new mediums, including yarn, string, wax, and even household products (like honey.) I haven’t...

Blair Murphy talks with Chajana denHarder about Oneness, Shock and Return

Blair Murphy interviews artist Chajana denHarder about her upcoming show at Washington Project for the Arts

A Doll With Fries by Ashley Uzer

It’s difficult to be really money-motivated and artistic. Anyone who’s in a creative field — whether it’s music, fine arts, or fashion design — knows that it’s not...

Prudence Bonds on Being Self-Taught

DC Artist Prudence Bonds discusses the good and bad of being a self taught artist.

Adventures in Sharpieland by Andrea Noel

I was born in Selma, Alabama, but raised in Trinidad and Tobago. True to my ancestral roots, I love bold lines and bright colors, and my medium...