What is Dance? by Michelle Ava

Dance is a visceral celebration of the mind, body and spirit in motion. Dance is an underlying pulsating breath expressed through flesh. Dance is rhythm, flow, and...

Robin Gilmore: What is Dance?

Dance is a lifeline. Dance does not lie (there's nowhere to hide). No matter where I am or what I'm doing, that moment becomes a dance at the...

Lucy Bowen McCauley: What is Dance?

Dance is the kinesthetic expression of the music. Lucy Bowen McCauley is the Artistic Director of Bowen-McCauley Dance.

Naoko Maeshiba: What is Dance?

Dance for me is an attempt to find soul. Naoko Maeshiba is an eclectic artist from Kobe, Japan.

What is Dance? by Marcella Pinilla

Dance is when you move to a song like no one is watching. It's a response to sound that is good for you and you express it so....