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At the start of war by Tyler Vaughn Hayes

Mourning, I dreamt of endless azure

The Tree and Me by Laureen Summers

Yesterday I watched branches  Being severed from an old, majestic tree 

Four Poems by Raymond Luczak

I have watched you swing from light to shadow, and back again. / Your chariot was made of black moonstone.

aftermath by Ellie Cameron

darkness fell, and we knew what we were in for; wind howled and we sheltered from the storm, and crawling from beneath the fallen branches,the shadows...

Love, Me by Danielle Stonehirsch

Do you love me? she asks while she washes dishes.There is soap in her bangs, the sponge is fraying, the water splashes my fingersas...

the unknown by Nicole Farmer

for Sara the wind blows off the ocean making waves disappear to who knows where palm trees are galloping horsesthat have no say which way they are...


Two Poems by Claudia Gary

Cut and Run 1.Faced with a mango’ssweetness, I recallhow my aunt would slicethe flame-hued ovoid— cross-hatching sections,flipping the soft skininside-out, each pieceoffering itself to my lips or...

A Poem by Raymond Luczak

IN SECURITY If the contents of my heart could be spilledinto a baggie and placed inside a plastic tray,what would the TSA officer see in...

Four Poems by CL Bledsoe

Going Off Meds The first day is fine. You think, I can dothis. I’m better like this. It doesn’t matter,because you went off for a...