Advertising + Partnerships

Bourgeon explores new artwork and the experience of the artist within the magazine’s stylish and dynamic visual environment. Bourgeon provides advertisers:

  • A sophisticated and educated target audience
  • Competitive rates to work within limited advertizing budgets
  • Personal client service
  • Ad production and marketing services

Consistent with our mission, we have a number of placements available, including short term, longer term, non-profit, and artist rates. To learn more about advertising opportunities, please contact us.

Partner with Bourgeon

Bourgeon is available to provide service with Partners in the non profit and for profit community. Bourgeon is open to pitches for events, fundraisers, arts education, audience development, and artist development events. To learn more about our experience with local and national community partners, please contact us.

Become an Affiliate!

Being a Bourgeon affiliate means that you help promote the book through social media, friends & family, and/or blog about it. In return, you earn 20% of each sale you bring in. Not only will this help spread the word about the great artists in the book, it is free to become an affiliate.

How does it work?

Sales of the book via Bourgeon Online are managed through You will need to create an account on e-junkie; once done, you can access a special “hop link” that you can place on your blog, website, facebook page, etc. When someone sees and clicks on this link, it creates a cookie in their browser that will stay active for six months. At any time while the cookie is active, if they make a purchase of the book from Bourgeon Online, you will earn 20% of that sale, even if they go directly to

How do I get started?

  1. Click on our link here.
  2. Log into your e-junkie account; if you don’t have one already, you can create one by clicking on the “Affiliate” tab at the top and then “Register.”
  3. In the “Manage your affiliate account” menu, click on “Get Affiliate Code.”
  4. Copy the given code, paste it into your website/blog post. If you want a click-able image, you can use the images provided below.

How/When do I get paid?

Any money you earn will be paid to your Paypal account on approximately the 15th of the following month.

If you have questions, please contact Jon Barrows: jon <at>