Three Poems by Michele Keane-Moore






The Parabolic Flight of the Hummingbird

I will hypnotize you

With my ecstatic flight,

Back and forth,

Flashing ruby red.

Casting my spell to declare

All of this mine–

The flowers, the nectar, and you.

Reigning over my green kingdom,

 Tiny but supreme,

From the bare branch of a dead tree.

My wings have carried me

Miles too numerous to count

To prepare for this moment.

I drink deeply,

The sweetness of life

Filling my tongue.

The Assumption of the Geese

I hope that when my time comes,

Like the geese gathered on the river at dawn,

I will hear the call,

Spread my wings,

Lift my heart,

And rise with those around me

As one unified voice.

Casting my soul above me,

Following it into the sun’s light,

Joined wing tip to wing tip,

Lighter than the surrounding air.

Rising above the water

That protected us through the night,

In that one glorious instant

When all that has weighed us down disappears.

Walk with Me

Under foot, the ground is softening,

The ice turning to mush,

The mud starting to pull at my boots.

Water in the atmosphere

Catches the first rays of the rising sun

and fractures into a piece of rainbow,

Making color visible like believing in

The best outcome.

The red-winged blackbirds

Are singing from the tree tops

As if they can claim the future

Through their song.

The river that was bound

By ice is flowing again and rising.

In the renewed warmth of the sun’s embrace

My heart beats a little faster

And squeezes harder,

Expanding blood into my gloveless hands

Like an expression of joy.

Michele Keane-Moore is an avid birder and photographer who takes her inspiration from the natural world.  She teaches biology as an adjunct at Western New England University and tries to get outside every day.  

Photographs courtesy of the author.

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