Two Poems by Terrence Sykes






Prague Sonata

turmeric & ginger

copper early dusk

along the Vltava

faded rose moon

reluctantly tendrils across

ashened stars

autumn cicada

murmur & chant

cluttered linden grove

ancient medlar

merely staging

poetic lament

amongst  branches

longing  nightingale

I remember sky

My Coloring Book

always a dreamer

coloring outside the lines

impressionist blurs

countries & cities

imagination soared

Paris nestled

upon the banks

of the Nile

These poems are from Sykes’ forthcoming book Another Country.

Terrence Sykes is a cook- gardener- forager & heirloom vegetable researcher. His poetry – flash fiction – photography have appeared in Bangladesh- Canada – India – Ireland – Mauritius- Scotland- Spain  & USA.

Image: CC BY-SA 3.0,

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