Yoga tape today

played fast-forward, then upward-

downward– pen in child’s pose.

Weeds through cobblestones

pulled and piled, blown apart–

roots stay in the ground.

Dishes in the sink

are now scrubbed clean and reused–

my hands are busy.

My rabbits chase light

across the floor of their pen–

one slides through the bars.

Futile moon arrives–

the owls hoot who who and
I cannot answer.

Kelly Jacoboson headshotKelly Ann Jacobson is a Professor of English and the author of many published books, including the novel Cairo in White, the poetry collection I Have Conversations with You in My Dreams, and anthologies such as Unrequited: Love Poems about Inanimate Objects. She also writes young adult fantasy novels under her pen name, Annabelle Jay.


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