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Why are there no Black Ballerinas?

Why are there no Black Ballerinas?

I was reading ArtsJournal.com just now and saw this from the Guardian (Uk):

“Neither the Royal Ballet nor the English National Ballet currently employs a single black ballerina. The path to ballet stardom is generally easier for black men than women: black men are considered well built for lifts and pas de deux work. Just 10 dancers in the Royal Ballet’s 98-strong company are not white – of those, only four are black, and all of them, like Acosta, are male. At ENB, just eight out of 71 dancers are not white. Only one is black, and he is also male.”

You can see the whole article here.

It reminded me of the Bourgeon article looking at the difference between the treatment of men and women as choreographers. You can see that here



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