Dear Readers,

It’s been a challenging year for me, and for our community. We have weathered some important beginnings and endings. I have said to several people: “I’m tired of so many hellos and goodbyes”. And still it seems that there is no way to avoid them. Yet I am proud of this latest issue of Bourgeon.

The Local Work section has expanded and contains words from three of the many choreographers who are developing exciting new work in our city. But this issue also contains 6 pages in memorial of Ed Tyler. I recently came across a card that Ed had written me in congratulations for a show that he directed at American University. The card has a quote on the front: “what is behind us and what is in front of us are as nothing compared to what is inside of us.” Ed had helped me make a piece that was in that show. He had come several times to rehearsal, and had radically helped me re-shape the work. I remember very clearly what he said after the last visit. He was silent for a minute after I showed the piece, and then said: “I think you need to jump out of an airplane.”

We are all managing lives of exploration, discovery, and healing. There are dangers associated with this life, and the lifestyle necessary to pursue it. Sometimes we need to be encouraged to jump out of airplanes, and sometimes we just need to sit and share what we are thinking about.

I have enjoyed very much the conversations that I have had with the contributors to this issue. I feel the richer for them. I hope you will as well. Thank you to all of the contributors and the editorial advisory board for their work on this issue. A special thank you is due to Dr. Naima Prevots, who – in addition to being the editor of the Focus Section contained herein – was the woman responsible for bringing Ed Tyler to American University when I was a student there. Thank you.


The Editor (Rob Bettmann)



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