Dear Readers,

They say that the successful dancer makes the audience fall in love. In fact, the requirement for the working dancer is to be irresistible. There is an undeniable connection between pure, full existence in the moment, and extraordinary action. I think of those stories of people lifting buses off of crushed pedestrians. As dancers it is our job to lift busses off of pedestrians every day. Forging the body and mind into an instrument that controls the horizon-line of each moment is a heroic act in itself.

It requires exceptional ability to “make it” as a dancer. It is very rare to develop ability to the required levels without developing the control that comes from wisdom. Martin Luther King, Jr. wrote that science gives us power, and wisdom grants us control. Power and control may be developed separately, but they are much easier to develop together. The development of control involves understanding the purpose of power/technique.

Technique may provide what is necessary for a dancer to encounter a great role as a medium, but to access the depth of character that it takes to become great, one must attend to the development of wisdom.

On behalf of myself, diana, brian, and the other contributors I offer our hope that in some small way this issue may contribute to the development of our wisdom.


Rob Bettmann


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