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What is Dance? by Stephen Clapp


The potential of this question draws me to respond with more questions: What can dance be? Or what can be dance? It seems, by the nature of the question, that there is a general assumption that dance is many things to many people, depending quite subjectively on any particular individual’s relationship to dance. Thus, based on my own personal relationship to dance, a brief response to this question may take the shape of the following dance:
a physical or emotional transition,

a stillness that resides in
an awareness of kinesthetic potential,

an idea, image or vision as
it becomes real or fades away,

a conversation among
two or more or less
expressive tendencies,

a sense of consciousness that allows
for ever-evolving change,

any traveling particle or idea
moving or caught,

Stephen Clapp is a dance artist, choreographer, theater artist, composer, writer, arts educator, cultural activist and arts administrator living in Mount Rainier, Maryland with life and dance partner, Laura Schandelmeier and 10 year old Holly Rae.


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