I am fond of saying, “it ain’t grace if you let ‘em see how hard it is.” As one who appreciates athletic dance, what I enjoy about it are not the physical acts, but what the acts allow me to feel. Well, ok, sometimes I like the moves themselves. But more it’s what the moves make room for. Though occasionally a choreographer may be attempting to show exhaustion it is more common that the choreographer is trying to show a feeling or thought which simply requires great exertion. The professional dancer learns to project ease and a grace under strain.

This is the third issue of Bourgeon. The first two issues – published in ’05 – are still available. For fifteen dollars I invite you to become a subscriber to Bourgeon. The subscription entitles you to home delivery of the subsequent three issues (the remaining two of ’06, and first of ’07.) Donations would also be gratefully accepted. All checks should be made to “Day Eight.”

Grace is a goal, and not a destination. On behalf of myself and all of the contributors, I wish to thank those who inspire and assist our work toward grace. In particular I would like to thank the Editorial Advisory Board: Gretchen Dunn, George Jackson, and Naima Prevots. The assistance of new staff member Brian Buck and the Board contributed importantly to whatever grace may be contained herein.

-ed. [Robert Bettmann]


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