[POEM] Tricycle Trip in the Mesilla Valley by John Russell Monagle

A new poem by John Russell Monagle

[POEM] My Hometown by Sarah D. Lawson

A new poem by Sarah D. Lawson.

Lucifer by CL Bledsoe

When I went to pick my daughter up at pre-school, the kids were on the playground. Her teachers eyed me uncomfortably and glanced across the slide at each other before...

Driving to Juniata by Katherine E. Young

for David Hutto Up there’s the interstate, peeping through trees. Down here among hollows, satellite dishes, a man on his deck guzzles beer, wishes he were driving that highway. His fancy...

At the Bar by Karen Valentine

Minute shards of glass settle upon the bar counter like finely milled powder The barkeep smiles at no one in particular as if born an automaton No warmth offered as he brushes...