At the Bar by Karen Valentine

Minute shards of glass settle upon the bar counter like finely milled powder The barkeep smiles at no one in particular as if born an automaton No warmth offered as he brushes...

The Shallows by Jody Bolz

A new poem by Jody Bolz, originally published in Bourgeon Vol. 2 # 3

The Cancer Fairy by Judith Swann

It was a small dark body, like a mouse. Unemployed, it still drove the car, pushing the TV out the passenger-side door, yellow chyme and bile the color of grass, like...

Poem: A Triumphant Return by Isaac Beekman

A poem by Isaac Beekman -- Triumphant Return

I Want to Write About the N-Word by Alina Stefanescu

I want to write about nipples even though no word is safe I write about nipples because they make me uncomfortable and the things I cannot touch with my eyes look...