The Shallows by Jody Bolz

A new poem by Jody Bolz, originally published in Bourgeon Vol. 2 # 3

Rehoboth Beach Memory 4/28/1982 by David R. Findley

Time to bathe al fresco watched by frosty stars and a crescent moon. I twist quickly for warmth beneath needle-like strands of hot water dispensed by an ancient showerhead, its shadow stretched...

At the Bar by Karen Valentine

Minute shards of glass settle upon the bar counter like finely milled powder The barkeep smiles at no one in particular as if born an automaton No warmth offered as he brushes...

In the Kitchen Chopping Vegetables by Jenny C. Lares

A poem by Jenny C. Lares

Complicity by Carol Poster

Caught in the gusting wind, a swallowtail flutters ahead. The lights are red for eight lanes in each direction, leaving a vast emptiness at the heart of the intersection, except for a few...