On Leave by Shari Jo LeKane-Yentumi

Only whiskey burns the sorrow as she grieves. Purple velvet once surrounded golden dreams. Both a season and a reason left on leave. Now a memory left blank before what...

Patriotism Reconsidered by Lucinda Marshall

Ed. Note: Another in our series of poems by writers who participated in Arlington Writers Resist. My anthem is the serenade of birds, sung without regard for map lines delineating...

Haiku by Charles David Kleymeyer

Haiku Haiku haiku moment — most pure before words form   swallowing cherry blossoms… will I compose haiku with a japanese heart?   loon skimming still lake above its own image —   wordless poem   soul of...

In the Kitchen Chopping Vegetables by Jenny C. Lares

A poem by Jenny C. Lares

Hands in Flow by Cheryl Pallant

In 2009 I traveled near South Korea's Demilitarized Zone to visit and write an article about the then 79 year old shaman Kim Keum Hwa. During my second visit, she surprised me by asking me to get up and dance. After, and for the duration of the day, she and several of her disciples encouraged me to pursue a path as a shaman.