Two Poems by Allyson Lima

Never Times Never (Shakespeare in the Pacific Northwest) The poet, gilled aches— Salmon

Longitude by Ann Wrayburn

In August heat, the urge to be misplaced can find you standing on the sidewalk, disoriented, holding someone else’s photos by mistake. Trying to place that cottage, that sandy porch. Before...

Shared Bed by Maryhelen Snyder

Grandgirl, you are in my bed now, and in all of it. You are horizontal and your soccer feet are planted like oaks on the far side. Your head...

[POEM] U-Turn by Naomi Thiers

A new poem by Naomi Thiers: "I think of the woman driving Cypress Street Viaduct in the ’89 quake who heard God hiss: go back.

Train by Emily Goff

an angel fell asleep on my shoulder last evening, in the train car aswarm with humans who had tumbled in from the city, some drunken with reddish marbles for eyes, some...