On Leave by Shari Jo LeKane-Yentumi

Only whiskey burns the sorrow as she grieves. Purple velvet once surrounded golden dreams. Both a season and a reason left on leave. Now a memory left blank before what...

Longitude by Ann Wrayburn

In August heat, the urge to be misplaced can find you standing on the sidewalk, disoriented, holding someone else’s photos by mistake. Trying to place that cottage, that sandy porch. Before...

Two Poems by Megan Alpert

Island She would cry every time we put her in the carriage. That was all right, and the way I had to lean sideways to make her sleep....

Two Poems by Yvonne Brewer

Twigs there was one left on my front doorstep, it halved when touched

Two Poems by Elnathan Starnes

Trick of Rings and Things“The Lord is my Ringmaster, I’ll always want!” Said Gollum A fiend For the ring