What is Dance? by P.J. Acayan

My body's ephemeral interpretation of how I perceive…..a reaction to everything real or imaginary…..that moment before the first domino falls…..the buzz after your paradigm shifts…..the pillow...

Naoko Maeshiba: What is Dance?

Dance for me is an attempt to find soul. Naoko Maeshiba is an eclectic artist from Kobe, Japan.

What is Dance? by John Niemi

What is dance? I suspect I will spend the rest of my life and career answering this question. When dance happens may be a more interesting...

Maida Withers: What is Dance?

Perhaps we should ask what is NOT dance? If you think you are dancing, you are! If you think someone else is dance, they are! Alwin Nikolais...

Francesca Jandacek: What is Dance?

"What is porn?"