What is Dance? by Christel Stevens

Human beings dance for several reasons. The word "dance" may be defined as any rhythmic, repetitive, or expressive movement performed for its own sake, rather than for...

Kathryn Sparks: What is Dance?

When I dance I am most who I am, before myself, before my friends and relatives, and before God. I am the most Kathryn Sparks that...

Kelly Buwalda: What is Dance?

For something I have studied and loved so much, it is one of the hardest questions I have had to answer! Maybe it means too much to...

Francesca Jandacek: What is Dance?

"What is porn?"

Brian Williams: What is Dance?

Dance is our reminder that the human body is a temple which should be honored, nurtured and protected. Brian is the founding artistic director of StepAfrika!