What is Dance? by Helanius Wilkins

"What is dance?" ...The answer to this probably changes almost every day for me. In this moment my response is: dance is a very complex thing that...

Beau Finley: What is Music

Beau Finley, electronic musician and record producer answers "What is Music?"

What is Dance? by Elizabeth Harler

Dance is a lot of work. Liz Harler collects artistic whims and puts them into a neat, ordered tabular format.

What is Dance? by P.J. Acayan

My body's ephemeral interpretation of how I perceive…..a reaction to everything real or imaginary…..that moment before the first domino falls…..the buzz after your paradigm shifts…..the pillow...

Rachel Wynne: What is Dance?

Nature: Birds flocking at sunset, moving as one yet each with unique voices and flight mannerisms. Schools of fish. Grass reaching up in a high release of...