Campello — The Most Recorded Song in the World

"I am told that the most recorded song in the world is the Beatles' Yesterday. But among the top 10 most recorded songs in the world, and also the most recorded Spanish language song in history is the Guantanamera."

Two Poems by Maria Teresa Ogliastri

Bourgeon continues its celebration of Women in Translation Month. Rationing In the line a woman shoutsthere’s flour I think of warm biscuits Soon I hearonly rice is...

Clark Ray: Why Should Government Support the Arts?

"The greatness of a people is eventually judged by what they contribute to the arts and culture of their times."

Ads by Theo Luce

Ads “JOIN THE DMV! BUY OUR ORGANIC SALSA!” Burning on filthy subway walls Jerking back, muttering...

Voice, Myth, and Memory in “The Music of the Aztecs” Anthology

By Jessica Purdy Editor's Note: This week, in lieu of poems, we present a review of a new anthology of DC-area...