Three Poems by Patty Summerhays

Editor's note: This week we present three poems by a poet who left us far too soon. Bourgeon thanks Naomi Thiers for sharing these.

Three Poems by Alison Palmer

Hunger This morning is sickening—                                   the photograph on...

Two Poems by Sally Toner

Lady Liberty Finds Sand Dollars in Coronado I pay no attention to lovers twined around each other like ropes on

Three Poems by Dwayne Lawson-Brown

The Thing about Mornings I’ll never forget We slept Splayed on memorial benches

What’s an Emerging Artist? on Bmore Art

“Artist 'categories' are bandied about by artists, gallerists, jurors, and critics and most of the people using these terms seem to be clueless, when questioned, about what they actually mean."