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Why: Ed was one of my teachers, a friend and a mentor. Ed suffered from mental illness, and five years ago took his own life. Videos of his dances are being screened to celebrate the work, and remember the man.

Event Details: Please join us for a screening of Ed Tyler’s works. For those of you who did not know Ed, he was our close friend, mentor, an amazingly talented choreographer, and a huge influence to so many of us and to the dance community in general. He touched so many people’s lives. It has been five years since Ed prematurely left us, and we thought what better way to honor his legacy and to celebrate and remember our dear friend than showcasing some videos of his amazing work. We hope to see you! Please feel free to extend this invitation to others that may be interested.

Dance Exchange
7117 Maple Avenue, Takoma Park, M
Saturday, December 10, 2011

– Lillian and Tzveta

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