Picked by RB:

Why: Six choreographers, three companies…. including my own.

From the invite:

Join us for a great showcase, featuring the first performance, of the first section, of our project QUIS CUSTODIET

Bettmann Dances will present an excerpt from the company’s new project, Quis Custodiet, titled from a latin phrase meaning “who shall watch the watchers themselves.” Under the direction of artistic director Robert Bettmann, Bettmann Dances is quickly earning a reputation for dances that combine movement, music an…d design in ways that entertain and stimulate the senses, and the brain. The Examiner called the company’s last work, “an example of artistic craftsmanship.” If you can’t make it to the show, you can still participate in the project at http://quis.bettmanndances.com/

DancEthos works towards representing the true purpose of art in reducing the distance between two people by making dances that reflect the beliefs and spirit of our culture. For the company’s premiere performance, DancEthos Artistic Director Tiffany Haughn presents Others, which demonstrates how we as a society often put people in the “other” box as a way to marginalize their opinion, and Everything in Moderation, which explores facets of the extremism of our modern lifestyles.

Additional works by Choreographers Collaboration Project, who explore the use of both internal and external pulses in movement in the piece Pulse, and DancEthos company members Gabrielle Campagna, Colleen Hutchings, and Carolyn Kamrath.

Tickets on sale now at: http://joesmovement.force.com/ticket#sections_a03A0000002FUYlIAO


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