Picked by: RB

Why: The star performer in this show is 74 year old Maida Withers, longtime professor of dance at George Washington University. I’ve danced Maida’s choreography, and recommend this for her gritty, pushy and emotional performance. This is is not the raw emotion of a twenty year old, or thirty year old. Expect the deep and exhaustive expression of a mature performer. (And she wrote a nice piece On Training for Bourgeon’s second issue back in 2005.)

From the Dance Place website:

The Washington premiere of Fare Well – The End of the World As We Know It OR Dancing Your Way to Paradise! A unique opportunity to see commanding performer Withers on stage alone – Washington’s diva dances this highly charged political work.

Fare Well is as extreme in its moods and absurdities as we might think of “extreme weather.” We watch hypnotized, immobilized, arrogant, innocent, and powerful – as the fires rage, volcanoes erupt, the Arctic melts, the earth becomes parched, and the seas rise. Fare Well – The End of the World As We Know It OR Dancing Your Way to Paradise is a solo dance performance by pioneering choreographer, Maida Withers – known locally and internationally for her innovative choreography and her intensity as a dancer. A collaboration with Steve Hilmy, electronic composer, and Ayo Okunseinde, visual/new media artist, the work has been called “a modern Greek-style tragedy, delivered by a warrior goddess.” – Ballet-Dance Magazine, Carmel Morgan.



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