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Why: Regina Holliday is a brilliant artist and committed patient rights advocate. This event promises to be a fine pairing of art and activism.

From the website:

Your Host: Clinovations
Host’s Message: Join us for an evening of health, art, and technology.

An office suite usually filled with white boards, laptops and mobile smart phones will instead be filled with 20 paintings from Regina Holliday that interpret themes in health IT. Regina’s work makes a passionate case for patients and care givers to access clear and usable health information.
What: e-Patient Ephemera: An Exhibit of Paintings by Regina Holliday
Where: Clinovations
1000 Potomac St NW, Suite 125
Washington, DC 20007
When: July 29th, 2010, 6pm – 9pm

Please join us at Clinovations offices in Georgetown for a one-night exhibition of paintings by Regina Holliday to discuss health, art, and technology.

Excerpt from Regina’s Blog Post Introducing the Event:

I will have an exhibition of my work on Thursday, July 29th at the Clinovations office in Georgetown. The Clinovations mission is to: “Convene clinical leaders to share and create innovative solutions that improve the health of patients and support the healthcare system in the delivery of optimal care.”-(Clinovations website.) Not long ago I had the pleasure of speaking with some of their team, Dr. Ted Eytan, Dr. Trenor Williams, Anita Samarth, and Lygeia Ricciardi, about the blank white walls in their office. They inquired about the potential of hanging one of my patient-centered paintings in their space. The idea being that this would “incubate ideas for more regular patient involvement on the part of the consultancy as well as the clients”-(Dr. Ted Eytan.) I was all for hanging a piece in their space, but as we continued discussion the vision grew. We were all purveyors of social media: we like to share. Why just one piece, why not many? Why limit this to only Clinovations’ staff and clients? We could invite people from Gov 2.0, Health 2.0, the e-Patient movement, social justice groups and representatives from the arts community, as well as friends and family. A one-night art show was born. And what do you name a gallery show with the lifespan of a mayfly?

e-Patient Ephemera: 73 Cents meets the world of data capture.

Imagine an office suite usually filled with white boards, laptops and mobile smart phones, filled instead, with the 20 paintings depicting the current memes within health information technology. Imagine the ephemera of a life forming a brilliant mash-up of health information technology mixed within vibrant patina of patient rights.


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