Why: QuestFest is a two week international theatre festival featuring almost two dozen theater troupes from around the world. Hosted by D.C’s Gallaudet University (the nations only University oriented around study by deaf students) QuestFest explores physical theater. The QuestFest site says that “Physical theatre (or living theatre) exists at the intersection of the performing arts. It draws on traditions that are universal and blends techniques, styles and themes across a spectrum of theatre, movement, and gestural art.”

By: RB

From the QuestFest website:

QuestFest is a two-week international festival celebrating visual theatre. QuestFest features groundbreaking work from exceptional performers and companies dedicated to the use of movement, gesture, and digital media to tell stories. By stripping away the artifice of language, QuestFest builds bridges between disparate communities and cultures. QuestFest will feature visual theatre companies from China, South Africa, Iran, Romania, the United Kingdom, and the United States. In addition to performances, the two-week festival also features QuestFest in Your School, QuestFest Community Showcases, and the QuestFest Academy.

To visit the QuestFest website, and buy tickets, click here.


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