I’m working on a set of drawings that use some trickery with salt. I flood the surface of a really nice thick smooth piece of paper with watercolor until it almost seems too wet, and then put piles of kosher salt on the wet surface. The salt sucks up color and gives the surface a funky […]


One of my earliest memories is of a dense thunderstorm in my hometown of Austin, Texas. Recalling that memory motivated me to try treating my paints as rain, and my canvases as windowpanes. For more than a year now I’ve mixed acrylic paint and water and watched – over and over again – as gravity […]


I’m fine admitting that my work most closely resembles the notebook of a middle school girl. The pink, purple and gray could be conglomerations of botanical doodles made with gel pens on seventh grade math homework. I enjoy challenging what is important enough to go into a painting and want to give space to the […]


My first creations were small and elaborate villages that I made for ants. On the Scottish side of my family I come from a line of creatives, architects and engineers… practically minded people. My Irish grandparents came over during the potato famine and I believe that lineage framed my conviction to stand up for the […]

Detail: Rotatio 7 Suspension by Silvie van Helden

A year ago I quit my job as a full time art teacher to focus more on being an artist. I had been working as a full time art teacher at the high school level for ten years. Prior to that I was an adjunct art professor, and I actually stopped being a professor to take […]


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