Detail: Rotatio 7 Suspension by Silvie van Helden

A year ago I quit my job as a full time art teacher to focus more on being an artist. I had been working as a full time art teacher at the high school level for ten years. Prior to that I was an adjunct art professor, and I actually stopped being a professor to take […]


Years ago the vision in my head was to be a bassist in a famous band but it didn’t turn out like that. Music for me is about helping people attain a more intense awareness of their own life and to quote John Cage, creating “a music that transports the listener to the moment where he is.”


For several years I’ve been making my own kind of music boxes with sculpted miniature puppets and custom made music box works. I’m a professor of photography at James Madison University but over the last decade my interest as an artist has shifted away from the camera made image. In a way, my music boxes […]


Taking from others has a bad reputation, but I believe in appropriation, and use it as a central element in building my compositions. Appropriating art historical images within my compositions allows me to use juxtaposition and context in a way I find particularly satisfying. I resonate with the statement by filmmaker Jean-Luc Godard, “It’s not […]

Black with Bear crop, web

A few months ago experimental musician Chris Videll approached Daniel Barbiero and me to provide new works for a drone night that Chris is curating for music promoter Sonic Circuits. We three then began an on-line conversation about pushing drone, monotonic music to its near-breaking point extreme as fully-static sound, and we’ll be performing the […]


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