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At the end of May I’ll be going to Montevideo to participate in a collaborative project with six Uruguayan visual artists. Coming with me will be eight artist friends, fellow members of Take Me to The River (TMTTR), an international artists’ collective, of which I am a co-founder and project director. TMTTR was born in […]

Alison Sigethy and Liz Lescault, Blue Peristome, 2013, Ceramic, 8hx13inches

My and Alison Sigethy’s organic sculptures will be shown together in May in an exhibit titled “Full Fathom Five” at VisArts’ Gibbs Gallery in Rockville. This is our second collaboration, allowing us to revisit and expand on our previous work. Our first collaborative exhibition, “Fathom,” took place in May 2013. In this exhibit, as in […]

Cafe Society by Jack Hannula

Yesterday I spent several hours working on one of my current projects, a travel-guide for painters. I do most of the work at my in my condo-studio in Adams Morgan and at a nearby café, Tryst. I moved to Washington D.C. in 1991 with my son, who is now 27 years old, and for fifteen […]


I consider myself a moving image maker. My work is primarily based on landscapes and aspects of the quotidian. My purpose is to capture some sense of the beauty, poetry and mystery of the mundane with each work I create. The mundane is a consistent inspiration to me. My most recent project, Baoying Window, will […]


I’ve been a multi-media storyteller for more than a decade, and before I became a part of the dance world two and a half years ago I was under the impression that Modern art generally meant, “If the audience understands it, the Artist has failed at their Art.” Now I know that’s not true. Modern […]


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What is Art?

George Jackson: What is Dance?

"Mother, please don't make a scene!" The young dancer's dominant parent didn't respond to her offspring's plea. Throwing a quick glance at Continue Reading→