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I consider myself a moving image maker. My work is primarily based on landscapes and aspects of the quotidian. My purpose is to capture some sense of the beauty, poetry and mystery of the mundane with each work I create. The mundane is a consistent inspiration to me. My most recent project, Baoying Window, will […]


I’ve been a multi-media storyteller for more than a decade, and before I became a part of the dance world two and a half years ago I was under the impression that Modern art generally meant, “If the audience understands it, the Artist has failed at their Art.” Now I know that’s not true. Modern […]

The Young Rapids

Pretty much anything audible can be interpreted as music.  Music is one of the most primitive forms of communication there is.  And it’s always been the form of communication that allows me to be my most honest, and profound.  What brought me together with the other three members of the band Young Rapids is that […]


On 1 February 2014 Nancy Havlik’s Dance Performance Group will premier (the) nature (of things) likes to hide, a score for five dancers and five musicians. It will be the culmination of a seemingly unlikely process that began with the 2500 year old words of a Greek philosopher and an idea about using indirect suggestion […]


He Was Beautiful by Ron Moore

December 22 , 2013 by Editor - in Fiction

When tragedy strikes we become sleuths. We reconstruct events to establish the belief that it should have been us, it could have been us, it was our fault or we caused their death somehow. The days pass into weeks, the weeks years until the memory fades and details dim.

Lilac Breasted Roller by Sherrill Anne Gross

I am a cut paper artist. My work is made using only paper, glue, and patience. Technically I create collages, but I don’t think collage is the right word to describe what I do. I prefer to say that I create cut paper illustrations. Being a cut paper artist puts me in an awkward place […]


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What is Art?

George Jackson: What is Dance?

"Mother, please don't make a scene!" The young dancer's dominant parent didn't respond to her offspring's plea. Throwing a quick glance at Continue Reading→