Through the harsh whistle of a bullying Blue Jay from the feeder, the Common Yellowthroat’s wichity-wichity-wichity, we find our own through bill and tap and rhythmic drumming on drainpipe, bone against bone. So much more is said when the yard is quiet… So much more spoken between        wings. Kelly Ann Jacobson is a Professor of […]


True Story Metaphor for My Parents’ Divorce In this shrinking house, I am still growing, my wrist gripped between window and sill, one toe pinched in neat joists. Our mother’s footsteps echo far away. In this dollhouse, animals and plates die under glass, a frozen china cabinet phalanx. The wedding cake couple will keep on […]


Most of the time when I’m making music I’m holding mallets or sticks. My first instrument was my older brother John’s drum set. When I was about ten I started to listen and try to play to all the great Rock music of the late 60’s and ‘70s. Then early in high school I discovered […]


When I went to pick my daughter up at pre-school, the kids were on the playground. Her teachers eyed me uncomfortably and glanced across the slide at each other before one finally explained that they had asked the kids, earlier, what sort of pet was their favorite. My daughter had said she wanted a dog. […]


We can speak to the rain, but it does not say anything to us. “Why are you so strong? Why do you want to flood us?” we ask it.  But it only pushes harder toward the ground, forming mud, overflowing the creek.  We don’t understand why it will never answer, when we can hear its […]

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